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Whether you’re here for the patterns or the podcast, my goal is the same: to take you somewhere you may not have been before. Think interesting stitches, unique constructions, off-the-beaten path destinations… I take my role as your knitting guide very seriously. All patterns are meticulously drafted, tech edited, and test knit so you can be sure your path is clear.

In short, my mission is to help process knitters create beautiful products.

What knitters like you have to say:

I love the Kino Knits patterns because they are easy, yet interesting, and I always learn something new, which for me is the perfect recipe for a good pattern.”

“I loved knitting this pattern. It’s one of those patterns that has has lovely design elements to keep one’s attention, but is relaxing. The design is elegantly clever.”

Kino Knits: the podcast and designs that take you places.

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