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Vote for Me!

Vote for Me!

As part of my ongoing goal to publish more knitting designs, I entered a design competition in January. Much to my delight, my Circuits hat, which I designed for my younger brother, is one of the five finalists!


The prize is truly incredible: a two-hour consultation with’s lead technical editor Kate Atherley, yarn support from Fyberspates, and a one-hour consultation with the host of the A Playful Day podcast on launching the pattern. My ultimate goal is not necessarily to design professionally, but I absolutely want to design and publish in a professional manner, if that makes sense. As my dad taught me, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

So what comes next? The winner will be determined by popular vote, and I would appreciate your support! All you have to do is click the “love” button below the picture of the green Circuits hat here on Ravelry. Voting ends around midday, probably GMT, on Monday, February 9, so vote by February 8 just to be safe, okay? You must have a Ravelry account to vote, but what kind of knitter are you without a Ravelry account? 😉

I’m RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED by this chance – so fingers crossed!

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2 thoughts on “Vote for Me!”

  • Your directions for your circuit hat are a bit complicated. I bought the pattern on Knit Picks but am not sure I can accurately follow it. For example, what is the meaning of “PO” at the beginning of Rounds? And what do you mean when you use parentheses and brackets in the same line?

    • Carol –

      I’m sorry you found it confusing! If you take a look at the Pattern Notes at the bottom of page 2, it explains how the parentheses and brackets are used. Since there are three sizes, the instructions in parentheses indicate what you should do for each size. This information is also differentiated by color (which I understand only helps if you print the pattern in color), with small size directions in the default black, medium in red, and large in blue.

      What you are reading as PO is actually P0 (as in, purl zero, or do nothing, for the small size). P0 (P1, P2) means that at that spot, do nothing for the small size, P1 if you are making the medium size, and P2 if you are making the large size.

      Brackets, on the other hand, indicate repeats. So if you see something that says [K1, P1] three times, that means “K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1.”

      Hope this helps clarify, but if not, PLEASE let me know. I want you to enjoy this pattern! The best way to get in touch with questions is the email on the pattern, kinoknits – at – Thanks!

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