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New Pattern Released: Tiny Trellis Socks!

New Pattern Released: Tiny Trellis Socks!

I’m pleased as can be to announce the release of my latest pattern, Tiny Trellis!

Tiny Trellis

I’ll let you in on a little secret: sometimes, by the time designers are done designing a piece, they’re thoroughly sick of it. Never want to see it again. It’s too bad, right?

These socks, on the other hand, make my heart sing. Designed as a collaboration with Crystal of Lilliput Yarn in her gorgeous Simple Sock (sample shown in colorway Gracie), these socks presented a few real design challenges. They’re written for four different foot circumferences, which means you can absolutely knit a pair that will fit your feet perfectly. However, making all the cables line up and play nicely and symmetrically for all those sizes was… interesting. Rest assured, though, that no matter your size, the pattern includes both written and charted instructions to help you create a gorgeous looking sock.

Tiny Trellis

It may look complex, but once you have a few rounds under your belt, you’ll be able to see the pattern and not have to refer to the pattern so much. Every cable is 1×1, which means it’s super easy to knit without a cable needle, if you so desire. Finally, it may not look like it, but many of the rounds are “rest” rounds of simple 2×2 ribbing. In other words, even though these delicate cables dance all over the sock to create an intricate pattern, these socks should be achievable for beginning sock knitters.

Happy knitting!

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