New Original Design: Carpool Hat!

New Original Design: Carpool Hat!


Happy Ides of March, everyone! Just wanted to announce that I have just released the Carpool Hat as a FREE download on Ravelry. My stepdad, who is an elementary school principal, asked me to knit him a hat to keep him warm as he greets the morning carpool. Much to my surprise, the hat I designed looks just as good inside-out as it does right-side-out. You can fold the brim to make it fit like a beanie or leave it unfolded for a slouchier look. It occurred to me that it would be just as perfect for harried parents rushing out the door in the morning before that morning coffee kicks in, because no matter how you jam it on, it’s going to look good.

The Carpool Hat is a very easy and quick knit from the top down in chunky yarn. Download for free here!

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