I Blame the Latitude

I Blame the Latitude

Lord help me, I’m suffering from Second Sock Syndrome. In more than 10 years of knitting, I’ve never come down with this affliction, yet here it is. And to make it even worse… IT’S MY OWN DESIGN.

But I don’t blame the design, because that would be foolish. I blame the latitude.


Google Maps erroneously thinks you can fly direct from the U.S. to Nairobi. Silly Google Maps.
Google Maps erroneously thinks you can fly direct from the U.S. to Nairobi. Silly Google Maps.

For January, February, and half of March, I was in Tennessee, and I cranked out sock after sock after sock¬†after sock (yes, four pairs!) for myself and wore them exclusively and hatched plans to knit sweaters for my family and myself. In mid-March, I came back home to Kenya, and… fizzle. Knitting mojo gone. Part of it was the stress of getting back into a home and work routine with a new baby, but mostly, I blame the latitude. All those handknit socks? I haven’t even worn socks, much less handknit. I finally put on a pair yesterday, but mostly so I could show off my new clear rainboots I bought specifically to showcase said socks, and to be honest? My feet were kind of hot. I gave up at about 2 PM and wore Chacos the rest of the day.


I’ve been plugging away at my socks, because I designed them, and I do love them, and I owe it to them, and I want to get them test knit and published. But my brain is off socks. And off sweaters. I want to knit shawls, for the first time in my life. And you know what? I’m not fighting it anymore. I’m going to go cast on the Scalloped Shawl by Breean Elyse Miller. Right now.

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  • Sometimes, the yarn wants what the yarn wants:) I can’t wait to see the shawl. I have been dreaming of another shawl to knit, ignoring the fact that a) I am currently unable to knit due to an injury and b) that I have about eleventy-billion UFO’s already on needles! Enjoy!

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