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Join Me in the “Graduate Your Stash” KAL

Join Me in the “Graduate Your Stash” KAL

I have something very exciting to announce: Kino Knits is hosting its first-ever Knit-along (KAL)! What knitter out there hasn’t gotten concerned at some point another about the size of his or her stash and resolutely declared that ALL THE THINGS will be knit only from stash? Many focus on the size of the stash, but some of us apparently get stressed out by age. I’ve snickered a little bit when hearing certain podcasters stress about owning yarn they bought in 2010, given that I have stuff in my own stash from 2005. Then again, I’m sure there are people out there with yarn that is 20 or more years old.

So in this graduation season, please join me in identifying the old yarn in your stash and helping it graduate to the next level to become a real grown-up knitted or crocheted or woven FO.

Here are the rules:

  • The KAL will run from today, May 8, to June 30.
  • You have two options: find the yarn that has been in your stash the longest OR the oldest yarn in your stash (just in case you inherited some).
  • You can knit, crochet, or weave.
  • WIPs count, IF you already happen to have something on the needles that is also your oldest yarn.
  • Newer yarn can be combined with the old yarn into one project, as long as that old yarn gets used.
  • If you finish a project, you get one entry. If that project happens to be a Kino Knits design, you get three entries.
  • Join the Kino Knits Ravelry group (you must be a member to win) and post a photo of your old yarn in the Graduate Your Stash KAL FO thread. Finish your item by June 30 and edit your post to show your FO. You can knit, crochet, or weave. The FO thread will be just for that – one post per person, please. Put any discussions about your project in the chatter thread.
  • Tag your projects in Ravelry and Instagram with #GraduateYourStashKAL.
  • Double-dipping with other KALs is just efficient strategy. 🙂


  • Grand prize: everyone who finishes an FO with old yarn will be entered to win a Kino Knits pattern and two skeins of Filatura Lanarota Cuzco 100% alpaca in a soft gray fingering weight.
  • The person who completes an FO with the oldest yarn also wins a free Kino Knits pattern.
  • If you have a prize you’d like to donate (your second-oldest yarn?), let me know!

My oldest yarn is 1.5 skeins of Davidson Domy Heather fingering weight in the color Columbine that I bought at MD Sheep and Wool in 2005.

Davidson Domy Heather in Columbine
Davidson Domy Heather in Columbine

I knit a wrap sweater out of a bunch of it that ended disastrously because I didn’t know a thing about seaming. If I can find that thing, I might take some scissors to it and try to redeem it – but it’s been 10 years, so no telling. I may have given it away, or it may be hiding in a closet. Anyway, I still have a little over 700 yards, so my task before June 30 is to figure out at least *something* to do with it. Please join me!


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