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FO: Last-Minute Ornaments

FO: Last-Minute Ornaments

Looking for some last-minute ornaments to knit? Here are two that would be lovely on your own tree or that would make nice present toppers.


The first is a star, a free Ravelry download called Knit Stars by Kirsten Hipsky and published by Valley Yarns. The second is a heart, another free Ravelry download called Love You Forever by Tanis Lavalee that I discovered by following her on Instagram. I went from deciding to make these to hanging them on the tree in a single morning, so you’ve still got plenty of time!

The star pattern is written for both in the round and flat with a seam. For both versions, you knit two stars, then sew them together and stuff them. (Because I knit out of self-striping yarn, the two sides of my star are different.) Each star had about a million ends, but those become the stuffing.


I made the same modification for each pattern. The star and the heart call for casting on 5 and 4 stitches, respectively, joining in the round, then immediately doubling the number of stitches. Rather than fiddle with that, I decided to double first, then join in the round. I was prepared to sew up the resulting hole with the initial yarn tail, but there wasn’t a hole in either case, so… VICTORY!

My versions are knit out of leftover Quaere Fibers self-striping sport in the Peacock colorway on U.S. size 3 needles, but any small bit of leftover yarn will do. Happy decorating!

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