FO: Fish Lips Kiss Heel Socks

FO: Fish Lips Kiss Heel Socks


Another pair of socks for me, my fourth in 2015 – my first-ever Fish Lips Kiss Heel (a $1 Ravelry pattern download) in a glorious self-striping gradient yarn by Knit Circus. I purchased this yarn with an Etsy gift certificate I got for Christmas and knit the socks toe up so I could use every bit of this precious stuff. I initially used U.S. size 2 needles, but the socks felt a little big, so I went down to U.S. size 1 with the same number of stitches, 64, and hit the sweet spot. The colors don’t match on the heels, but I don’t really care. I did increase some near the top, since they went so far up my calves, then finished with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bindoff.

And that’s about it! Simple stockinette, not fussy, easy to knit with a sleeping baby in your lap. I tagged these for a few different KALs – #treatyoself15, #2015SZstripes, and #12socksin2015.


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