Episode 066 (Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2019)

Episode 066 (Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2019)

Recorded Thursday, May 16, 2019

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Announcements and KALs

Get The Chekhov Collection of a one-color, two-color, and three-color shawl for just $5 with Ravelry code CHERRY through June 23! The one-color shawl, Chayka, is available now for $6. The next two shawls will go live on May 25 and June 15. All three shawls are designed for flexible weights and to maximize yardage use. Click here to view the collection in Ravelry. Click here to apply the $5 code. In case you missed it (ICYMI)… Kino Knits and The Knitting Boutique are excited to bring you another MKAL, this time for a three-color shawl designed for The Knitting Boutique’s Severn DK yarn, a unique blend of Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) fiber and silk (yarn kits available here). The shawl includes easy lace and stripes, so choose yarns that offer some contrast for the best results – and be prepared to use up just about every bit of those skeins! Click here to view the MKAL on Ravelry!

  • Introduction – available now!
  • Clue 1: Monday, May 13 – available now!
  • Clue 2: Thursday, May 16 – available now!
  • Clue 3: Thursday, May 23
  • Clue 4: Thursday, May 30
Clue 1!

Grad Your Stash 2019! Runs May 15 to June 15. The idea of this KAL is to take the oldest stuff in your stash and help it graduate into becoming an FO. You can spin, weave, knit, crochet, tat, whatever… just as long as you finish.

The rules are basically the same as last year:

  • Any fibery hobby counts.
  • You must use the OLDEST thing in your stash to participate. This could be from the 1970s or from two months ago – whatever is your personal oldest.
  • WIPs count, but you must finish the project between May 15 and June 15, graduation season.
  • There is no minimum yardage, but the spirit of the KAL is to use up that precious stash, so please make an effort to do so. Don’t knit a 2g blanket square of a 100g old skein and consider yourself done. That’s just not sporting.
  • If you graduate your oldest stash, and there’s still time left in the KAL – feel free to graduate your next oldest stash and get another entry.
  • Each finished object will earn you 1 entry for prizes. If you use a sponsor product, you get 5 extra entries! Sponsor info coming soon!

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Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Jillian Moreno

Needles Up!

The Knot House

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

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Magpie Fibers Open House – Chayka shawl

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