Episode 050 (Listener Questions!)

Episode 050 (Listener Questions!)

Recorded on Sunday, June 3 , 2018



I’ve released two new patterns!

Against the Grain Socks – get these for free by signing up for the Kino Knits newsletter.

Jordan Street Socks

Get kits with the patterns and original yarn from Yarn Crush here.

Answering Listener Questions

I’m excited to be joined by my #knestie, allichka, for this episode! She posed questions from listener posts in this thread. The things we discussed were:

Kassongo by Orchestra Super Mazembe (my former intro and outro music): iTunes and YouTube

Afropop Worldwide – highly recommend!

The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee

Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport – my favorite for colorwork

Moscow’s Golden Ring

Suzdal, Russia

Sochi, Russia

Volgograd, Russia

Enemy at the Gates

Barmaley Fountain – the statue we looked for (but couldn’t find!) in Volgograd. Found out after we recorded that a replica was installed in 2013.

The Tolstoy Collection

In my queue: How Cold Is It? (don’t click if you’re offended by bad language!)

Working on Crazyheart, will do Vanilla is the New Black again soon


allichka’s Big and Fancy

Four Points Socks

Rainy Season mitts

Notre Dame de Grace

Bucket List knit – Dale of Norway 12604 Rondane (no official picture in Ravelry, just someone’s WIP) or 12614 Ingeborg 

Daunt cowl – free for Kino Knits newsletter subscribers

Adrenaline Junkie

Rybka (Wee Fishie) – free on Ravelry

Carpool Hat – free on Ravelry

Kino Knits podcast on Cape Town, Africa

Allichka hat

Where to Find Me

Kino Knits Ravelry group

RavelryInstagramFacebook, YouTubePinterest

Email: kinoknits (at) gmail.com

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