Episode 025 (Why I Do What I Do)

Episode 025 (Why I Do What I Do)

Recorded Sunday, January 22, 2017


Thank Yous

  • Angelcraft – Lynn from Summerville, South Carolina



  • Prairie Hills Shawl by Sarah Schira of Imagined Landscapes ($5.00 Canadian on Ravelry (sorry I said $4.00 – I think that was the sale price!) in madelinetosh Twist Light (75% wool/25% nylon in Mill Pond colorway).


Why I Do What I Do – and What to Expect in 2017

Based on feedback from many of you, my most popular segments are Knitting on Safari and interviews with small business owners in the yarn world. A big part of the podcast has been trying to take you along with me to places you may not have been before, be that Kenya or Abu Dhabi or Slater Mill in Rhode Island, USA.

Kino Knits patterns follow the same philosophy – I want to take you along to places you may not have been before. I’m a process knitter, so for me, the journey is the exciting part. I knit to create, learn, do something different, think through a logical process, and explore. But it’s way more fun to have adventures together. From Kino Knits patterns, you can expect a little something unexpected, yet be confident in knowing the patterns have been rigorously tech edited (my tech editor is Jennifer Riester) and tested and reviewed for clarity. I want to help you create something beautiful and let you have a little fun in the process. And I can’t promise I’ll never do a “simple” design, but you can be certain that your beautiful product at the end won’t look like everyone else’s, since I consider it part of my job as a designer to innovate and come up with new ways of doing things. From new stitch patterns, like in the Allichka hat, to different constructions, like the top-down Rainy Season mitts, Kino Knits patterns will very gently stretch your brain and your skills. Kino Knits means beautiful products for process knitters.

But it’s not just about me. I spent 2016 seeking out collaborations: with other designers for the Point/Counterpoint series, with independent yarn dyers, and with local yarn shops. I have become a better and happier designer through this process and have been able to offer you better quality products as a result. I’m also hoping that it benefitted the podcast, mostly through the interviews and prizes, and that you perhaps got some education and some entertainment out of it. I plan to continue this in 2017 and will support and grow the indie community through more collaborations and interviews and KALs.

So what will 2017 look like? You can expect two more volumes of Point/Counterpoint. Volume 1, which I released with Sarah Schira of Imagined Landscapes, will break up into individual patterns on February 1, though you will still be able to purchase the collection as a whole. Volume 2, with Susie White of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast, is going live on Ravelry on February 3. Susie and I will record a podcast episode soon so you can hear all about it. And Volume 3 is in the works for an early Fall release with two really exciting partners.

I also plan to design another Maryland showcase kit and a mystery knit-a-long shawl for The Knitting Boutique. (Listen to episode 024 for an interview with the owner, Dianna.) I’ll continue to bring you interviews with my collaborators or anyone else who strikes my fancy – and if you have a fiber-related business and want to have a recorded chat about what you do and why it’s awesome, please get in touch.

The mystery shawl will be just one opportunity to knit along with Kino Knits. I am also bringing back the #GraduateYourStash KAL in May/June, where you knit/spin/crochet/weave/tat/whatever with the oldest stuff in your stash. There are a few other KALs floating around in my brain, as well, so more on those as they solidify.

While there are no current plans for the podcast to take advertisers, I am always happy to accept sponsorship prizes to pass on to you, the listeners. It goes back to that goal of highlighting other indie businesses. If you have a pattern/bag/yarn/notion/service, and you want the chance to tell interested listeners all about it or sponsor a KAL that will be fun for the whole community and give knitters, crocheters, and spinners a chance to get to know you and your products better, drop me a line.

I plan to continue traveling. The list is subject to change, of course, but right now I’m planning trips to Ottawa in February, Maryland Sheep and Wool in May, and the Into the Wool Fiber Retreat in September. I’ll do my best to take you along with me.

Finally, I hope to bring you more reviews this year. We’ll start with:

A Review of Sherlock Knits by Joanna Johnson

(all photos in this section were provided by Joanna and are copyright of Sherlock Knits)

Sherlock Knits

Past interview with Joanna and Eric Johnson

A Sweater for John

Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Cozy (though for a tea cozy, I prefer one of other Joanna’s other designs, the Cottage Tea Cozy)

Mycroft and Moriarty Casebook Cozy

Sherlock Hat

The Woman

Socks for Mary




Win Jenn Sheelen‘s New Horizons collection by answering the prompt given in the episode over in the Ravelry entry thread.

Image copyright Jenn Sheelen

Where to Find Me


  • “Kassongo” by Orchestra Super Mazembe, used with permission of A.I. Records (Kenya) Ltd
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