Episode 024 (An Interview with Dianna of The Knitting Boutique)

Episode 024 (An Interview with Dianna of The Knitting Boutique)

Recorded Thursday, December 29, 2016


Thank Yous


  • 3rd pair of sock blank socks 






  • New design for Point/Counterpoint, Vol. 2 – coming soon!
  • more blanket squares
  • Henry’s Hat by Joanna Johnson ($3.00 on Ravelry) on U.S. size 7 (4.5 mm) in Cascade 220 (100% wool in color 1208 Tan). Link to transcript of my interview with Eric and Joanna Johnson, authors of Henry’s Hat

Christmas Gifts




  • The Indie Design Giftalong 2016 is still going strong for a few more days! I finished Peppermint Leaves by Clare Devine and Henry’s Hat by Joanna Johnson (see above) and am working on one more thing!

2016 Goals

  • Total 2015 FOs: 43
  • Total 2016 FOs: 56. Of those:
    • 55 were started and finished in 2016 and only 1 started before 2016
  • 2016 Goals
    • Knit half of stuff in my stash that is for a specific project – Did not finish half… but I did some! Others are on my specific knit list for 2017.
    • Advent calendar ornaments. Did not finish – have about 10 ornaments. Will continue in this next year.
    • Spin for Socks. Nope.
    • Knit with handspun or give it away. I started a cowl with some handspun that I will finish eventually. Also gave away almost a pound of handspun for Christmas.
    • Process alpaca fleece. Done! Or at least I did what I wanted out of it.
    • Dye sock blanks with my preschooler. Done! And they turned into lovely socks for his grandmothers.
    • Go to RhinebeckTa-done!
    • Fix husband’s Gramps CardiganWell, I cut the collar off. I just didn’t reknit it yet.

Interview with Dianna of The Knitting Boutique


Many, many thanks to all your kind words on the anniversary of starting this podcast. The winner of all my 2017 individually self-published designs is Ravelry user Liz-Knits. Thank you to everyone for entering!

Where to Find Me


  • “Kassongo” by Orchestra Super Mazembe, used with permission of A.I. Records (Kenya) Ltd
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