Episode 006 (Nairobi Railway Museum, Kenya)

Episode 006 (Nairobi Railway Museum, Kenya)

Recorded on Sunday, December 27, 2015

Thank Yous



  • Simple Cable Socks by me ($3 on Ravelry) in Filatura Lanarosa Bamboo Socks (60% wool/25% bamboo/15% nylon in colorway 6) with U.S. size 1 (2.25 mm) needles

    Simple Cable Socks in Filatura Lanarosa Bamboo Socks
    Simple Cable Socks in Filatura Lanarosa Bamboo Socks
  • Christmas Day Cast-on: Brandilyn by Quenna Lee ($4.99 on Knit Picks website) in Knit Picks Lindy Chain yarn (70% linen/30% cotton (I said 20% cotton , but that doesn’t add up!), chocolate colorway) on U.S. size 5 (3.75 mm)

Design Notebook

  • New shawl design in Knitting Boutique Sassafrass DK (60% merino/40% bamboo (I said 30% bamboo – what is it with me not being able to add when recording this episode?!) in Talc colorway)
  • If you are interested in test-knitting, please contact me! You must be able to knit a 16-18″ x 60″ cabled shawl in a month and give me a weekly status update. Skills: provisional cast-on, cables. Need 760 yards DK yarn. Shawl is designed for solid-colored DK, but willing to let people test in other color schemes or worsted, if desired. Looking for some testers to work from written out directions and some to work from charts.
  • Thread where you can volunteer

    Sneak peek at my new design!
    Sneak peek at my new design!


  • Hobbledehoy hand-painted top braid (60% merino/30% bamboo/10% nylon, one-of-a-kind colorway: Seafoam)
  • Hobbledehoy hand-painted top braid (80% merino/20% Tussah silk, one-of-a-kind colorway: Dialogue)

    Hobbledehoy one-of-a-kind braid, color Dialogue
    Hobbledehoy one-of-a-kind braid, color Dialogue


Year in Review 

  • Total 2014 FOs: 26
  • Total 2015 FOs: 42 (will be 43 with Simple Cable Socks). Of those:
    • 40 were started and finished in 2015 and only 3 started before 2015
    • 4 were brand-new original designs: Sailor’s Warning Cowl, Carpool Hat, Four Points Socks, and Skein Watch Socks (plus another that hasn’t been published yet)
    • 13 were for me, 9 were gifts for immediate family members, 15 were gifts for other people, 3 were for charity, and 3 went into a design pile
    • Breakdown by item type:
      • 12.5 pairs of adult socks, 1 pair of baby socks
      • 5 ornaments
      • 4 adult hats and 4 baby/kid hats
      • 2 adult sweaters and 3 baby sweaters
      • 3 cowls
      • 2 pairs of mittens
      • 2 shawls
      • 2 dishcloths
      • 1 baby blanket
      • 1 Christmas stocking
  • 2015 Goals, Part 1 and Part 2
    • Spin More: I bought a new Ashford Kiwi 2 and did a few test bits of fiber, then jumped into real spinning. I spun way more than I did last year, but I still wish it had been more. Grade: B.
    • Knit with Some of My Handspun: Fail, fail, fail. I did say I was going to knit a sweater out of some fiber I already had spun up, but I apparently missed the fact that it’s only half the yardage I’d need for a sweater. I thought about striping it and tried to figure out what I wanted to do (maybe a chocolate brown?), but no dice. Maybe it needs to become a Custom Fit vest. Grade: D- (because I *at least* tried to pick a sweater to knit…) uploadedImage_medium2
    • Complete the “My Library” section of Ravelry: I did this! I even entered the vintage patterns that Ravelry doesn’t recognize, as best I could. Grade: A
    • Participate in a Knit-a-Long: Done, repeatedly! Grade: A
    • Continue Designing: Grade: A
    • Continue the Blog: Grade: A
    • Try Different Heels: I did the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, the OMG Heel, and the Balbriggan Heel out of Sock Architecture by Lara Neel. Grade: A

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Knitting Around the World

Where to Find Me


  • “Kassongo” by Orchestra Super Mazembe, used with permission of A.I. Records (Kenya) Ltd



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